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Bass in the studio

Today's recording technology can do a lot, but using real players can breathe life into a track and set you apart from the competition.

I am a bassist and composer offering remote bass guitar recording services from my home studio in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. If you have a track that requires some professional live bass playing I can help you. Styles covered include rock, pop, blues, country, funk and metal. I can compose a new line for you, replace your own track or anything in-between.

Professional bass guitar recording

I have a variety of high-quality basses at my disposal including 4, 5, 6-string and fretless, and I can suggest what may be suitable for your track based on your brief. I supply 24-bit DI and/or mic tracks at up to 96KHz.

The basses:

  • Fender Custom Shop Roscoe Beck Jazz 5-string
  • Fender American Standard Precision
  • Fender Jazz fretless with East preamp and Aguilar pick-ups
  • Kubicki Ex-Factor 4
  • Yamaha TRB6 Mk1
  • Yamaha TRB5 Mk1
  • Yamaha BB1500a Jazz
  • Fender Squier Precision V w/ Bartolini pickups

I use the industry-standard Avalon U5 preamp through an RME UCX interface for the purest tone possible. I can also provide mic'd tracks or re-amps recorded in my acoustically-treated studio using amps and cabs from Mark Bass, Trace Elliot and Barefaced.

Please enquire for pricing - as a guide a typical 3-5 min song costs from £59 for an original bass line. I will send you mp3 files to preview your bass-line, and you only pay for the 24bit WAV/AIFF file when you are happy. Just contact me if you have any unusual requirements! Payment is via Paypal and includes most credit and debit cards.

Live bass guitar performance

I am available for live dates in the North of England and beyond. Get in touch if you're in a spot and need a bass guitar dep! Recent clients include York's finest party band Huge and Newcastle's Rendezvous and Storm.

Contact / Jez on 07949 622019

Lovely stuff - thanks so much! Richard Wilkinson, Composer

Jez is a cool dude with lots of feel and groove! James Harrison, Musical Director

Fantastic - what a great feel. Sounds brilliant! Ian Donaghy, Huge Party Band

I was particularly pleased that you listened to what I was looking for and then added your own ideas. The results exceeded my expectations as the bassline has some great hooks that really give an additional engaging dimension to the song. Steve Hayes, Songwriter.